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Rated Best Online Dining Training by The Wall Street Journal – The fastest and easiest way to always look polished and confident when dining.

For Corporate (embed/share the link with your Employees) or Individual


Rated best online dining training by The Wall Street Journal

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For Corporate (embed/share the link with your Employees) or Individual 

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Our online dining training is the fast and easy way to improve your career and social success.
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Now your table manners will impress at those critical times:
job interview, dates, weddings, parties, business entertaining, service clubs, social functions…

For years we’ve presented Dining for Success training to corporate audiences
who pay thousands of dollars to learn the secrets of business and social dining.


Our video program shows you how to look sophisticated when dining.
Now for less than the price of a meal, you’ll dine with confidence and class, anywhere with anyone.

We address all the awkward dining etiquette so you’ll handle it with  finesse:
from the invitation, handling the cutlery, seating/ordering strategies, tipping to paying the bill.

We’ve included bonus table manners extras:
dining cell phone etiquette, wine tips and dealing with tricky foods like fish, spaghetti and seafood.

Don’t wait another moment.
Click the buy button and in less than an hour, your dining etiquette will shine wherever you dine.


What the media and customers say:
The software that helped us best learn about tableware and all other aspects of business dining was the Dining for Success online course.
Peter King, The Wall Street Journal

We have committed to providing enhancements to our MBA program that give our graduates an edge in their careers. Dining for Success allows us to provide critical training in an engaging cost-effective manner.
MBA Program Director, Eastern Washington University

Order today and get a table manners edge in your career and life!

Training online licensed for businesses, MBA/university/colleges use
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You’ll be Dining for Success!

This online dining training will pay dividends
for the rest of your life.

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